We are pleased to announce that despite the limitations of the COVID situation, we will be able to organize a meeting between experts and representatives of local and regional authorities from the Basra region and Slovenia at the end of August in Erbil, Iraq.

Together with the project group, we identified good practices from Slovenia at numerous online meetings, with the aim to promote employment opportunities, especially for young promising residents with interesting business ideas, which can be transferred to Basra. Through analyses of the situation and opportunities, the representatives of the Basra Governorate found that there is great potential in the region to establish a business incubator to promote youth employment as well as a user-friendly online employment platform following the same goal.

Therefore, the four-day workshop in Erbil will be aimed at deepening knowledge of good practices presented by Slovenian mayors, visiting the business incubator in Erbil, and preparing an action plan for the implementation of pilot projects in the Basra region.

For the implementation of the business incubator in Basra to best meet the needs and wishes of the local population, the workshop will highlight the method of Financial Participatory Approach, with financial incentives for those residents who contribute best ideas available

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