One of the possible support structures for the development of local economy is the development of a business incubator. Business incubator is an organization that helps start-up companies and individual entrepreneurs to develop their businesses. A business incubator can offer a variety of services for its users, such as support in form of business consulting, mentoring as well as prototype creation. A highly scalable example of good practice from Slovenia are the Business incubator Kočevje and Business incubator and Coworking spaces Kovačnica and Lokomotiva.

The Kočevje Business Incubator aids the development of business ideas and business models through mentoring and prototyping. Young entrepreneurs can also lease office space in the incubator at affordable prices. In the past 10 years of its operation the business incubator Kočevje has participated in the establishment of 33 companies in the local environment and have become an important partner to the municipality in attracting foreign investors – in the past few years they helped to obtain 2 million € of financial resources for the development of small companies. Innovative programs of the Kočevje Business incubator for young people, such as robotics and entrepreneurship education in primary school, make an important contribution to new generations of successful and innovative individuals in the region.

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