About the Project:

Peer-to-peer Cooperation With Iraqi Governorate – Basra

Project goals

In a participative and interactive manner, the project aims to:

  • Build capacity by transferring good practices from Slovenia`s municipalities to Basra Governorate.
  • Establish a business incubator.
  • Establish online employment platform.
  • Develop an action plan.
  • Provide on-demand technical support from Slovenian experts throughout the project implementation.


  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Gap assessment
  • Educational videos
  • Online training
  • Action Plan
  • Pilot project implementation
  • On- demand support


  • First, Stakeholder Analysis and Gap Assessment will provide project partners important insight into more specific areas that need to be addressed – what exactly can we do to improve employment opportunities for youth in Basra?
  • Slovenian good practices in the field of youth employment, business incubators, online employment platforms and what is the role of local government will be presented.
  • Basra Governorate officials will gain new knowledge with the help of educational videos and training in Financial Participatory Approach, which is a method that empowers local population in addressing real issues, coming up with viable solutions that have long lasting effects.


  • Youth of Basra,
  • young entrepreneurs,
  • youth and women`s organizations,
  • private sector representatives and
  • Basra Governorate

will benefit from goals of this projects.

Bright future for Basra is a guiding light of this project.

By whom

Slovenian project partners will facilitate exchange of knowledge and capacity building between Slovenian majors and Basra Governorate officials.

Basra Governorate officials will use skills acquired in this project and their own knowledge to address the topic of youth employment using participatory methods and novel approaches.