Coworking in the broadest sense defines a way of working that allows the self-employed and other professionals to share their workspace with others from time to time or permanently, and in addition to space, the idea of coworking is related to the community within it. In this way, the costs of renting space are lower and spontaneous networking with other individuals of various profiles is encouraged. It helps to gain new ideas, experiences, ideas, enter new projects and create innovations.

Lokomotiva is a business incubator, where young people at the beginning of their entrepreneurial path can gain additional knowledge, useful advice and get help with decisions at the beginning of their entrepreneurial path by participating in various targeted trainings and round tables. The incubator is a place for the transfer of knowledge between generations, where successful entrepreneurs offer free mentoring to “young entrepreneurs” who are involved in it. It is therefore a great place to start an entrepreneurial path.

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