is the largest and most recognizable privately owned career and employment web portal in Slovenia, which has been operating for 18 years. As a job portal, it serves both employers and job seekers.

They develop tools and training for companies that best meet the modern challenges of human resource management and recruitment. The most basic of these is posting a job ad on the web portal. Because successful companies are aware of the importance of the employer’s brand even when it comes to getting the best employees, the portal has developed services for employers. Companies looking for staff can rent a subpage on the portal to present their company, secure a place in content e-mailing for job seekers, advertise with web-banners, compete for the Reputable Employer Award, or use employment campaigns in various scales.

The web portal allows registered job seekers to search for relevant jobs also based on the entered CV. When registering on the portal, jobseekers can also apply for the E-reminder: the jobseeker selects 3 areas of work that interest him the most and receives notifications about vacancies in the e-mail box. The portal also offers job seekers a whole range of products and services that can help them on their way to the right job. Among them is a career profile, where they enter their data, CV and various certificates and test results, and opt for a publicly published CV. They can supplement their CV with the results of psychometric or cognitive testing and certificates of knowledge, all of which are available through the website

With virtual hackathons and career events, the MojeDelo. Com company successfully unite employers with the right candidates.

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